Wash & Style Method

Updated: Nov 6, 2019

Are You Getting The Benefits From Doing The Wash & Style Method?

Are You Properly Doing The Wash & Style Method?

If done correctly the Wash & Style Method can be very helpful for Your Wave journey. Some benefits of the Wash & Style Method Includes:

*Keeping your hair clean while still maintaining your wave pattern

*Helps while Wolfing to keep your hair laid and more manageable

*Very Beneficial for Your Hair & Scalp after intense activities such as exercising or playing sports

Wash & Style Method Steps:

Step 1: Saturate Your Hair With Water

Step 2: Apply Shampoo Of Choice (we sell all natural hair/beard wash)

Step 3: Rub Shampoo Into Hair while Massaging Your Scalp (this helps to activate your blood vessels as well as get a deeper clean to your scalp)

Step 4: Take A Regular Or Shower Brush & Begin To Brush All Around Your Head In The Direction Of Your Wave Pattern

Step 5: Rinse & Repeat (Steps 2-4)

*Note: While you are washing out the Shampoo & Conditioner continue to brush in the direction of our wave pattern while getting the remaining Shampoo & Conditioner out of your Hair.


Apply Moisturizer Of Choice (we sell all natural Hair Pomade, Hair Cream & Oil) To Your Hair & Brush Products In

Step 7: Rag Up (double compress with a durag and stocking cap)

*The Wash & Style Method Can Be Done At Least Once Every Two Weeks.

*It Is NOT Necessary To Put On A Durag To Wash Out Your Conditioner.

Putting On A Durag To Wash The Shampoo & Conditioner Out Of Your Hair Will Not Allow You To Completely Wash It Out. The Durag Is Now Working As A Layer Between The Water Reaching Your Hair & Scalp, Which Can Cause Your Scalp To Itch & Will Not Help To Lay Your Hair Down! Your Durag Should Be Worn After You Do The "Style" Portion Of The Wash & Style Method To Compress & Lock In Moisture To Your Hair.

*Do understand everyone is different and so is their hair. Use Your best judgement.

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