Shower Brushing Vs. The Wash & Style Method

Do You Know The Difference?

Is There A Difference?

What Is Shower Brushing?

* Shower Brushing simply put consists of Brushing Your Hair in the shower with or without Shampoo.

Okay, but that's what I do when I do the Wash & Style Method.

Yes, But there is a big difference between the Two.

Okay, So what is The Wash & Style Method?

Wash & Style Method:

* Is a Method meaning something done or steps taken to achieve an end result

When you do your Wash & Style Method what are you trying to achieve?

The Purpose of the Wash & Style Method is to "Wash/Clean your Hair but its intended purpose is to "Style" or achieve a certain look or Style to your Hair.

Without "Styling" after you "Wash" you are really "Shower Brushing" with Shampoo.

You have to add the "Style" Portion which means applying some type of moisturizer after you "Wash" it could be Butter, Oils or Pomade as long as its All Natural.

After you Wash your Hair doing our CPO Method (Cream,Pomade,Oil) will help to retain & Lock In Moisture. *Refer back to our last post for more details & benefits of the CPO Method.

Its very beneficial to add moisturizer to your Hair & Scalp after you Wash due to the fact your Hair & Scalp can better absorb the Nutrients & Vitamins of each product.

Recap: The Major Difference Between The Wash & Style Method & Shower Brushing is the "Styling" Portion-Remember To Add A Moisturizer Of Your Choice Right After You Are Finishing Washing Your Hair.

Wash & Style Method: STEPS

Step 1: Saturate Your Hair With Water

Step 2: Apply Shampoo Of Choice (we sell all natural hair/beard wash)

Step 3: Rub Shampoo Into Hair while Massaging Your Scalp (this helps to activate your blood vessels as well as get a deeper clean to your scalp)

Step 4: Take A Regular Or Shower Brush & Begin To Brush All Around Your Head In The Direction Of Your Wave Pattern

Step 5: Rinse & Repeat (Steps 2-4)

*Note: While you are washing out the Shampoo & Conditioner continue to brush in the direction of our wave pattern while getting the remaining Shampoo & Conditioner out of your Hair.


Apply Moisturizer Of Choice (we sell all natural Hair Pomade, Hair Cream & Oil) To Your Hair & Brush Products In

Step 7: Rag Up (double compress with a durag and stocking cap)

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