Getting & Maintaining Waves: 101

How To: WAVES 101:

*Step One: Start Low & Let Your Hair Grow!

The best way to start your Wave Journey is with a fresh start. ( Cut your Hair to the lowest length before your Hair starts to form a curl)

*Step Two: Brush, Brush, Brush

(Start with a soft/medium Brush as your Hair is low, transition to a harder brush as your Hair starts to grow. Brush From Your Crown and Brush Down.

*Step Three: Compress

(A Durag helps to lay/compress your Hair & protect your WAVES while you sleep)

*Step Four: Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize

(A lot of Wavers sleep on this step. Continuous Brushing can be harsh on your scalp & hair follicles, keeping your Hair moisturized will give your Hair & scalp the nutrients it needs to have your WAVES looking it's best)

*Step Five: Keep your Hair Clean

(Wash your Hair but not to often, you do not want to strip away your Hair's natural oils)

*NOTE: Its Best to learn your Hair, that will help you to know what works For Your Hair. Enjoy the Journey & Trust The Process

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