CPO Method (Cream, Pomade, Oil)

Updated: Nov 6, 2019

Cream-Moisturizes Your Hair & Scalp With The Nutrients Needed Leaving Your Hair Soft & Smooth Feeling.

Pomade-Helps To Lay & Provide Your Hair With Shine.

Oil- Seals In Moisture From The Cream & Pomade While Providing Its Own Benefits For Your Hair & Scalp.

The CPO Method will help to lock in and retain moisture in your Hair. The CPO Method also helps to keep your Hair laid, while soften your hair making it more manageable.

It's recommend to do the CPO Method after you wash your Hair. Clean Hair is best to try this method because your Hair & Scalp can better lock in the nutrients from the products being used.

*You can sub the Cream for a Butter.

*Brush & Comb after applying each product.

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