Basics Of Brushing

Updated: Nov 6, 2019

Why Do You Need To Brush In Order To Get/Maintain Waves?

Brushing is essential to getting and maintaining Waves because, in order for your "Curls/Coils" to turn into Waves you have to Brush to stretch out/elongate your "Curls/Coils".

How Exactly Am I Suppose To Brush My Hair?

The best way to start Brushing is to first locate your Crown Area. Your Crown should be used as a starting point when you are Brushing Your Hair.

How To Locate Your Crown Area:

Start by using a handheld Mirror while standing in front of a bigger mirror. Take the handheld mirror and carefully look at your hair all around your head.

How to Identify Your Crown Area:

Your Crown will most likely look like a portion of your head that does not have much hair. Your Crown may appear as a "Line" or "Circle" (depending how you have been brushing your hair.) Refer to diagram. *While locating your Crown be sure to pay attention to the direction of your individual Wave Pattern. There are Four major Wave Patterns but there are also Hybrid Patterns. We will get more into detail about the different wave patterns on another blog post.

Use your Crown as a starting point when brushing your hair. Start from your Crown and work your way down brushing all around your head.

Brushing your hair daily is the most important step to getting and maintaining your Waves.

•Brush daily

•At least twice a day in the morning and at night before bed.

•Brush for a suggested time of at least 15 minutes each brush session.

•Put on your Durag after each brush session for at least 10 minutes to help lay your Hair.

*Don't view Brushing your Hair as a task but rather it should be enjoyed.

Times You Can Brush:

Brush while watching TV, reading, doing homework, lunch break, while you are relaxing.

Enjoy The Journey & Remember Anything You Want Takes Effort and Patience.

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